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Did you know there are nearly 102,000 students throughout Kent and Barry County? They rely on thousands of educators to teach, support and help them reach their full potential. These teachers and educators work tirelessly on behalf of their students every single day. These same educators rely on Kent ISD for support, training, resources and so much more.

茁壮成长! Promoting Educator Wellness, provides an array of free wellness opportunities for school staff throughout the year.


 uedbet官网ISD Staff: There are 茁壮成长! opportunities especially for you! Visit Connect for more details.

茁壮成长! 保持好
Educator Wellness Series

在教育, a whole-child philosophy is integral to a school's ability to engage and cultivate engaged learners. Just as important, we need to apply this philosophy to the adults in all settings of school. All educators are welcome to attend and learn more about the 保持好 program, review the eight dimensions of wellness and discuss strategies for incorporating skills into everyday practices.

Sign up here through the uedbet官网ISD PD Hub. SCECHs are available.

Sessions are virtual from 4 - 5 p.m. on these dates:

  • 12月12日
  • 1月9日
  • 2月13日
  • 3月12日
  • 4月9日
  • 5月14日

The Michigan Department of Education has compiled a list of businesses that offer discounts for educators.

See the list here and start saving!

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